Welcome to Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda

Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda is a strategic communications agency. Our costumers deliver solutions to society’s problems – we make sure it’s crystal clear in words and action.

Our employees are skilled in social sciences, journalism and political communication. Our costumer portfolio includes ministries, NGO’s assemblies and boards as well as a long line of private companies.

We do a wide range of communication solutions like public affairs, media training, campaign counselling (yes, we also do pamphlets). But setting agendas, creating strong partnerships and mobilizing is our core product. Our latest project in this arena was the incredible Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen 2016.

Headquarters Magazine sums it up:

“Huge support came from several queens – from The Netherlands or Jordan – and princesses – from Denmark and Norway – who since years advocate to improve women and girls’ well-being. Over 800 students had applied to attend this congress for free, along approximately 320 journalists and more than 120 exhibitors. It seems the congress has turned into a larger-than-life event, with an impact stretching out far beyond its original intentions.”

We could talk for hours about the succesful partnerships between municipalities, museums, ministers and mothers we facilitated and show off our  KPI’s that went through the roof. But we would much rather hear about your business.
How can we help you make an impact?

If you want to change society for the better and want your business to to benefit from it, we should talk.

Lotte Hansen, CEO
+45 30 10 32 80



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