Gain competitive advantage with a sustainable business plan

Through our DIMC, we help your SME create a plan for how to strengthen its core business by making it more sustainable, and in the process, attract more customers. Through five phases, we prepare your business for a sustainable transition that can lead to a competitive advantage.

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Kickstart your sustainable business strategy.

We offer a professional DIMC course with 5 engaging phases. In each phase, we have included inspiration webinars and interesting source material, that will help the development of your sustainable business strategy. On top of that, we provide personalized consulting and feedback, where we work in-depth with your specific business and its potential for sustainable transition. We also work with developing the sustainable competencies of 2-5 of your employees, so that your SME is prepared to continue its sustainable journey even after the DIMC is finished.

Sustainable Masterclass overview

Our phases

Introduction: ESG-reporting

Phase 1: Opportunities and threats

Phase 2: Sustainable business potential

Phase 3: Goal setting

Phase 4: Developing action plans

Tailored personal consulting for each phase

Personal consulting

Inclusion of 1-3 employees

Skill development for a green transition

What you get in our sustainable Masterclass

Our sustainable Masterclass provides you with an integrated plan that can be used by your entire team. Amongst other things, you will get:

What previous participants say about the course

Previous participants

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