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Welcome to Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda

The Citizen Agenda with #iLoveGlobalGoals

Taking lead from UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
Organizations with a clear and distinct societal purpose are more relevant and future-fit in a world in rapid transition. But the success of an organization rely upon the success of the communities in which they do business. That is why we help our citizens to take their lead from UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

CASE: My Sustainable Life
In October 2018 #iLoveGlobalGoals and Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda helped the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address the role of the citizen in the sustainability agenda during the international P4G Summit in Copenhagen by building the “The Sustainable Urban Home”.

Watch the video and learn more about the case.

Mobilizing citizens through #iLoveGlobalGoals

Besides helping our clients find their societal purpose Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda has initiated the digital movement iLoveGlobalGoals. Using social media to create a broad citizen-driven movement around the Sustainable Development Goals, iLoveGlobalGoals aims to become the digital offset for reaching the SDGs and mobilize citizens to take ownership of the goals and actively work for their realization through the way they live.

#iLoveGlobalGoals is now established as an independent organization by funding from Tuborgfondet.

Visit the iLoveGlobalGoals website and Facebook page and learn more.


Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda

Founded in 2017 Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda is a strategic communications agency working in the cross field of public affairs, corporate social responsibility and corporate branding.

Our aim is to help our clients set agendas, mobilize partnerships and develop activist brands with a clear mission of driving positive change.

Our clients are international and Danish-based organizations that proactively contribute to society. They stay relevant and future-fit by creating shared value to customers and society.

How we work
Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda is led by senior advisers Lotte Hansen and Charlotte Ersbøll. We connects clients’ core competencies with the stakeholders and challenges of our society. We work creatively and iteratively with your organization as well as we advise and provoke when you set agendas, mobilize partners and develop a responsible brand. With backgrounds from consultancy agencies, international businesses and the political landscape our team of highly professional advisors are skilled in strategic communication, social sciences, PR and political communication.

Our services

  • Agenda Setting
    We help you set impactful agendas with the power to mobilize partners and make public breakthroughs. By matching current unmet societal needs with your business challenges and ambitions for the future we help you find the opportunities to activate your core capabilities and innovation potential in the service of society. We develop your core narrative to enlist the active support of your stakeholders and you first need to articulate WHY.
  • Strategic partnerships
    An agenda is most powerful when it makes the leap from being your’s to our’s. We mobilize strategic partnerships and build movements by matching unique and complementary partner capabilities and networks with shared vision and goals.
  • Activistic branding
    Activistic brands set measurable ambitions to drive change for the better. We create the grand idea that mobilizes stakeholders and builds brand legacy. We repurpose and focus existing efforts to help you walk the talk from the get-go and we build signature programs that activate your brand leadership.

Lotte Hansen, CEO
+45 30 10 32 80

Charlotte Ersbøll, Partner
+45 31 33 55 67


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